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Influenza in Connecticut, 1918

  Lester H. Thompson, a Connecticut soldier from New Haven, lost his life shortly after arriving in France in 1918. His parents thought “he caught a cold on the transport” and that it later...

The Hartford Chronicle Family

LCCN:  sn95063011, Hartford-Springfield Chronicle (Springfield, Mass.), 1940-194? LCCN:  sn92051342, Hartford Chronicle (Hartford, Conn.), 194?-1947 LCCN:  sn92051345, Connecticut Chronicle (Hartford, Conn.) 194?-194? LCCN:  sn92051343, New England Bulletin (Hartford, Conn.) 1949-19??   On March 26, 1949,...

Black History Month, February, 2016

The Norwich African American Community Takes on “The Clansman,” 1909 Last week, a brand new Sundance film called “The Birth of a Nation” made the news when a distributor paid a cool $17.5 million...

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