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The Connecticut State Library has received three awards from the National Endowment for the Humanities for National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) grants to digitize historically significant Connecticut newspapers. The first grant ran from September 1, 2013 – August 31, 2015, the second ran from September 1, 2015 -August 31, 2017; and the third runs from September 1, 2017-August 31, 2019.  Each grant allows the Connecticut State Library to add 100,000 pages, digitized from microfilm of newspapers published in Connecticut between 1690-1963, to the Library of Congress’ Chronicling America newspaper database.

Which newspapers have been selected for digitization? How were they chosen?

The Connecticut Digital Newspaper Project (CDNP) formed an Advisory Board that selected the following titles to be digitized during the first and second grant cycles. These titles are now online in the Chronicling America database:

The Advisory Board selected the following titles for the third grant and they should all be online by the fall of 2019:


  • New Britain Herald, 1920-1930


  •  Connecticut Western News, 1871-1922
  •   Tolland County Press (Stafford Springs), 1883
  •   The Press (Stafford Springs), 1883-1922

Italian Language

  •  La Tribuna del Connecticut (Bridgeport, Conn.), 1906-1908
  •   L’Indipendente (New Haven, Conn.), 1907-1936
  •   La Sentinella (Bridgeport, Conn.), 1920-1930

African American

  •  Hartford-Springfield Chronicle, 1940
  •  Hartford Chronicle, 1946-1947
  •  Connecticut Chronicle (Hartford, Conn.), 1948
  •   New England Bulletin (Hartford, Conn.), 1949


  •  Mechanics’, Operatives’, and Laborers’ Advocate (Norwich, Conn.), 1836-1837
  •  American Mechanic and Home Journal (Norwich, Conn.), 1849
  •  The Liberty Bell and Workingmen’s Advocate (Norwich, Conn.), 1867
  •  The Examiner (Hartford, Conn.), 1881-1888
  •  The Weekly Examiner (Hartford, Conn.), 1890-1901
  •  Workmen’s Advocate (New Haven, Conn.), 1883-1891
  •  Connecticut Citizen (Ridgefield, Conn.), 1892
  •  Hartford Labor, 1894
  •  Connecticut Workman (Bridgeport, Conn.), 1901
  •  The Stamford American, 1906
  •  The Labor Standard (Hartford, Conn.), 1910-1922
  • The Connecticut Labor Press (New Haven, Conn.), 1918-1921
  • The Connecticut Labor News (New Haven, Conn.), 1921-1925
  • The Connecticut Craftsman (Hartford, Conn.), 1932


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