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Inquiry-Based Teaching Tools Available!

Check out the high school history units that use our newspapers as primary sources!  See Teach It: Bringing Connecticut History to the Classroom! All of these inquiry-based exercises are aligned with the new Connecticut Social Studies Framework.  These include:

Additional teaching units have been developed for Chronicling America by the NEH and by other state projects.  Some of them can be viewed at EDSITEment and at National Digital Newspaper Project Extras! The Connecticut Project would love to come and demonstrate the use of Chronicling America to your teacher group or library.  We are also looking for teachers and school librarians who are interested in using or helping to develop lesson plans using the Connecticut newspapers that become part of Chronicling America.  If any of these things interest you, please contact Chris Gauvreau at and 860-757-6525 or Gail Hurley at and 860-704-2222.

Guides to Newspaper Content!

Guides to Newspaper Content, which provide sample Connecticut newspaper articles and bibliography for a variety of topics, may be of use to teachers as well.

Primary Source Materials for Classroom Use!

Announcing new Connecticut content in Chronicling America.

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Presentation by Gail Hurley, Co-Director of the Connecticut Digital Newspaper Project at History Day Welcome at the Old State House on October 3, 2015.

Exactly What Primary Sources Can You Find Here?

The Connecticut Digital Newspaper Project (CDNP) has begun contributing issues of our state’s newspapers to Chronicling America, a fully keyword searchable online archive of historic newspapers.  Sponsored by the Library of Congress and the National Endowment for the Humanities, Chronicling America is a fabulous resource for teachers and school librarians anxious to introduce students to primary source research skills such as gathering and evaluating information, analysis, comparison and contrast, critical thinking, and the use of technology (Edsitement).  The Connecticut Digital Newspaper Project digitized 100,000 pages of Connecticut newspapers from 1909-1922 and is currently digitizing runs of state newspapers from 1880-1908.

Teachers can now assign students to search the Norwich Bulletin, a newspaper that covered news from 100 of the towns and villages of Eastern Connecticut, and  the Bridgeport Evening Farmer/Bridgeport Times, which ran stories from towns on the shore east from Bridgeport to Stamford and north into the Naugatuck Valley.  The Norwich Bulletin at this time period devoted a lot of column space to agriculture, industry, and Progressive Era urban development.  The Bridgeport Evening Farmer/Bridgeport Times featured a lot of news about labor and the large immigrant populations that came to work in the city’s factories.  Both papers covered the debate over whether or not the U.S. should enter World War I, the home front sacrifices during the war era, the fight for woman suffrage, free speech fights, and other civil liberties questions.  Issues from the New Haven Journal and Courier from 1880-1908, a mainstream Republican paper that covered some local African American news,  are appearing online as they are scanned.

Picture of tag cloud with link to blogs and topic guides dealing with African American history in historic CT newspapers.


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